It is said that it dealt in it with the devil in the same way as ROBERT JOHNSON in Saga's crossroads about JUJIROU. BAND started activities in 1994 when he appeared on Saga. The 1st sheet of CD (I FEEL SO GOOD) released into 1997 partly became topic seething with the performance of leaving it in the Japanese hinterland and passing. And, a CD (I FEEL SO GOOD) is chosen as 1997-year Japanese blues magazine (Blues&Soul Records) big prize. At present, it has been active around the live show since the 2nd sheet of CD (HOUSE OF BLUE) is released into 1999. You are to try to experience the CD of JUJIROU BLUES BAND or a live show by all means once, too.It is looking forward to the day when it can meet in something.

Jujirou競演 吉田次郎、妹尾隆一郎 西浜哲男 花岡憲二, 島田(優花団 ) ジュリアン(トラべリンバンド) 正木五郎(サウス ツウ サウス) 塩次伸二(ウエストロードブルースバンド) 石間秀樹(フラワートラべリンバンド) Wabi  等


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