ライブアルバム 佐賀B-shuffleと Dear Jhon Kura での収録。Electoric& Acoustic 構成。オリジナルを含む全12曲。2009 10月発売中

サードアルバム Nightmare

 オリジナル8曲を含む全11曲。ぜひ、お聞き下さい。Indies Music Store でもお買い求め出来ます。

Take 0 CD jacket
It is the CD that independence was made in 1995. It is an album before organizing JUJIROU BLUES BAND and to commemorate. It was made by JUJIROU and multiplex recording by friend's Mr. Yamamoto. A saxophone and a drum were composed by the computer. It is difficult to get it at present by this CD with being disappointed. This is because it was put on the market in the limitation. JBB-001

I feel so good CD jacket
The 1st sheet of CD (I FEEL SO GOOD) released into 1997 partly became topic seething with the performance of leaving it in the Japanese hinterland and passing. And, a CD (I FEEL SO GOOD) is chosen as 1997-year Japanese blues magazine (Blues&Soul Records) big prize.

Live recording was edited by this the second sheet of CD. I had recording in the live show in Sasebo, Kurume, Saga, Takeo made in the place. It begins with light MC, and it can enjoy the sound of recent JUJIROU BLUES BAND. What it listens to by all means once is recommended. The commentary of the CD can be seen, and it is a thing by Senou Mie which is the chief editor of the magazine (BLUES MARKET). JBB-003 \2,000 Now On Sale!!

blues&soul record  magazine photo

For 1999 years, it is the appendix CD of the special magazine "blues & soul records" put on the market. This CD contained the band of 14 sets chosen by the feature of JAPANESE BLUES. The tune of JUJIROU BLUES BAND is appearing for the 4th song of this CD. The tune is You Don't Have To Go. 1999/10/1. blues&soul records.Blues Interactions,Inc.Tel.03-3460-8611

video tape photoThis image recorded a live show in Takeo where it was done on December 30, 1999. It appeared, and J-BLUES BAND, BLUES YOUNG BLOOD swelled most besides as for the done live show of calling LAST BLUES SHOW IN '99 TAKEO. And, this video tape becomes limited sale. Video "The LAST BLUES SHOW IN TAKEO '99" Now on sale!! \1,500

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